At Rock Ferry, we deliver high quality PE across the school from foundation one to year six. The scheme of work used by our teachers is Beyond the Physical. This scheme works on the ‘Power of Three’, which develops pupils' learning through three main words based around a topic. For example, in Athletics the power of three used are ‘Run, Jump, Throw’. This provides students with an understanding of what they will be learning and developing throughout the unit.


Year 1

In year 1, we focus our learning around HELPFULNESS. Our pupils begin their PE journey through a range of activities across the year from gymnastics to invasion games. The children start to explore and develop their skills and techniques through different topics. Throughout the lessons we aim to embed helpfulness, through their awareness of supporting themselves and others during both individual and team activities.


Year 2

In Year 2, we focus our PE lessons on BELONGING. In this year group, it is fundamental that pupils continue to embed our ethos of belonging and feel secure as a valued member of team Rock Ferry. Year 2 continue to develop their PE knowledge and skills ready for their transition to Key Stage Two where they will start to compete in internal and external competitions. By focussing on “belonging” it helps pupils to understand how it feels to be part of a team. 


Year 3

In Year 3, our key focus is to develop a range of RELATIONSHIPS. Whether this be through providing the opportunities to work with other individuals within their cohort, or building positive relationships with peers from different classes and year groups. At Rock Ferry we emphasise the importance of building these positive relationships to further enhance our skills, through a variety of activities including dance and gymnastics and net and wall games. 


Year 4

In Year 4 the development of skill acquisition and access to a range of new sports continues. Pupils are presented with differing sporting role models, we then look at the highlighted individuals and delve deeper into their own philosophies and how they embed the school games values such as honesty and commitment. By doing this pupils are encouraged to try and create their own LEGACY when competing in internal and external competitions.


Year 5

As our pupils have now transitioned to Upper Key Stage 2, sport becomes more competitive. Pupils are provided with extensive opportunities to further develop their understanding of RESILIENCE. This exposure encourages pupils to comprehend the importance of how to confidently cope with a range of outcomes, whether this be through experiencing winning and losing, or accessing new and challenging sports or even playing with new team members.  


Year 6

Throughout Year 6 we pride ourselves on our inclusion within Team Rock Ferry. The UNITY we have as a year group enables pupils to comfortably and confidently showcase their acquired skills against other schools, as we regularly compete in local and district competitions. Regardless of the outcome, we are able to nurture the enjoyment of working within a team and the friendships that have been created through PE, to develop a love of sport which they can take with them as they progress through to the next phase of their education. 


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