Our Daily Routines

Length of School Day


F1 currently runs two 3 hour sessions to all children entitled to 15 hour provision .

8.30-11.30 am

12.15-3.15 pm

We do have 30 hour provision available for eligible parents. Please contact the school office for further details on 0151 645 1017.


Doors open for morning registration at 8.45am and the school day finishes at 3.15pm. This currently meets the DfE recommended offer of 32.5 hours learning time per week.


We firmly believe in the value of play for stimulating learning and developing pupils’ social skills.

All children have a daily timetabled “ purposeful play” session which is fully supervised and led by teaching and support staff. The playground has 4 zones with a focus on different play experiences such as climbing, den building and tram games. These zones are then available for free play during lunch time.


All children have a 45 minute lunch break. The times are staggered to ensure a smooth and efficient service.