In science year one have learnt all about themselves and their senses. They learnt about the different parts of the body and what we may use them for. They then completed mini senses investigations and had a go at recording their results. In one of the investigations we hid everyday items in a feely bag and the children had to guess what the objects were based on how they felt. 

In science year one have been investigating the best material to use to make Little Red Riding Hood’s cloak. In our English lesson we found out that naughty Nibbles had ripped and ruined it, so together we came up with the idea to make her a new one, but first we had to test several materials to see if they would be suitable for a cloak. The children tested the materials to see if they would rip easily, if the light could get through them and if they were waterproof. From our investigation the children decided that PVC would be best suited for Little Red’s cloak.

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